Our Committee

Currently, we are at the founding stage of our society. We have yet to initiate an official committee for our organization. We always appriciate ambitious team members willing to help us, if you are interested in taking a position feel free to contact us or apply!

Alp Ortakci

Acting President

Harilaos Karavaggelis

Acting Treasurer

Jivan Devgon


Name Surname

Projects Secretary (Vice President Operations)

Name Surname

Sponsorship Manager

Kayla Lewis

Head of Surveying and Research

Name Surname

Vice President Engagement

Name Surname

Head of Software

William Deely


Owain Jones

Social Team

Gustavo Simas De Oliveira

Social Team


Social Team

Name Surname

Head of Skill Development

Our Project Leaders

Ondine Watson

Head of Nuclear Awareness

Kanu Carr

Head of Turbine Division

Name Surname

Head of Solar Division (Currently Led by Committee

Name Surname

Head of Solar Aircraft Division (Currently Led by Committee)


EkkoTEAM is Co-Moderated by the Committee

Contact us if you have any questions

Even the smallest of the questions are welcome. We are looking forward to working with you!